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Paper & Board > Obeikan MDF

 Facts and Figures :

• Established in 2008
• Patented packaging system
• Number of Employees 123
• Total Area of plant         approx.14,000 Sqm.
• Robustly growing(CAGR 40%)
• One of world’s largest laser cutting capacity (3million+ per year) for industrial production
• Products: processed wood   based value added packaging for fresh fruits and vegetable products
• Manufacturing capacity:     3million sqm (laser cutting)

Innovative, sustainable and elegant: Obeikanmdf’s unique packaging system

Located in Valencia, Spain, OMDF is manufacturing innovative packaging solutions primarily for the fresh fruits and vegetable markets. The company has been established in 2007, employs over 100 people and covers an increasing geography.

ObeikanMDF boxes are primarily made of medium density fibreboard, designed for one way packaging of fruits and vegetables, especially, but not exclusively for unit of sales presentations.


The innovative features of the box include high quality graphic print solution made out of offset printed paperboard glued on the surface of MDF sheets, followed by cutting into pieces and finally assembling them into fruit boxes. Such box assembly can be easily made at the place of use, i.e. at fruit packing houses, but also at box assembly centres or at our site in Spain. During the box assembly no metal parts are necessary, the box parts, once interlocked, are providing a strong enough construction for distribution.

As the entire packaging concept as well as the production machinery and technology is revolutionarily new, through the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010 Obeikan has invested in validating the system both in the manufacturing technology and on the markets. By 2011 OMDF have reached a confirmed sustainable acceptance at its customers and got ready to embark a rapid growth both on its main market in Spain and also on international markets.

OMDF has its own R&D team constantly developing laser cutting technology and new innovative solutions for its customers both on the core market of fruits and vegetables packaging and for exciting new applications. The company has probably one of the largest installed precision laser cutting capacity in the world.


OMDF products are manufactured out of medium density fibreboard, which is pulped wood fiber mixed with resins and pressed into panels. The raw material is renewable, as they are originated from actively managed forests securing a sustainable continued supply of material with minimal impact on the environment. OMDF actively searches for the most eco-friendly energy supplier for the electricity consumption. For the last 3 years OMDF has been purchasing the electricity from the leading supplier in the Iberian Peninsula of renewable energy generation.


Obeikan boxes, through their unique appearance, offer an unparalleled tool for differentiation of high value products and are being more and more appreciated by leading players of the global fruits and vegetables markets.

Besides serving as a packaging for high quality fruit and vegetables brands of leading Spanish exporters, OMDF packaging is increasingly recognized by leading retailers. In 2011 OMDF started a co-operation with German based multinational cash and carry chain Metro, who have chosen OMDF boxes for their top of the range fruits and vegetable private label “Fine food Finestro”. In the same year British based multinational retailer TESCO have started using OMDF boxes for a selection of their citrus products.

Obeikanmdf, a proud member of the Obeikan Group of companies...