Obeikan - Services
Competitive Advantage


The integration with our sister company, Obeikan Paper Industries gave us the power to have stability in supply and cost which is a major advantage with the multinationals

Ability to cover large volumes and demands

Vast experience with Multinational companies

Highly skilled and experienced workforce

Ability to supply quality products

Established Systems (ERP and IMS)

State-of-the Art Technology

Long term commitments

Strong appetite for GROWTH

Willing to INVEST

High commitment for this industry

Sales & Customer Service

OFC's commitment to maintain its leading position in the market starts with its knowledgeable sales and customer service staff who are the first point of contact for its customers.

Our operations is managed using an advanced ERP systems, the Sales and CSR staff can quickly and accurately produce pricing information for the customers and costing information for management which allows both parties to make the best purchasing decision

Prepress & CAD

The production process starts with its state of the art Prepress and CAD Department. The department is staffed by a professional group of operators and designers relying heavily on the packaging industries leading workflow software for packaging provided by Esko Graphics.

A full suite of Artios CAD tools and a Kongsberg digital sample table maintains a bi-directional connection to its prepress system, also supplied by Esko.

Computer To Plate

This interconnectivity allows OFC to produce carton design layouts incorporated with graphics that are ready for output on its Kodak Magnus VLF Computer to Plate system, which is capable of producing up to 18 B1 plates per hour.


OFC's printing section contains 7 high-speed 6 color presses with UV ink capabilities and both water-based & UV coatings. OFC is able to offer a dizzying array of printed products on a wide variety of substrates in a single pass.


The printing section is backed up by the single largest finishing section in the Middle East.

OFC's finishing section starts with it’s in-house die-making operations ability to produce tooling for use around the clock.

The Finishing section has a full compliment of high speed die-cutters, inline with auto blanking capabilities supported by 2 sheet-to-sheet laminators, a hot foil stamping machine, and a new sheet-to-roll micro-flute corrugated line.


The folding/gluing section is staffed by the latest machines covering a wide range of box styles to quickly and efficiently meet the large requirement of the customers. The folding & gluing section is also supported by window patching, tube lining, box molding, clamshell erection, tear tape and handle application.


Our warehouses for raw materials and finished goods are linked with the ERP system which gives OFC the flexibility we need to maintain and grow our market share.