Obeikan Technical Fabrics | Supplying PVC/PVDF and PTFE fabrics to worldwide markets


    • Obeikan Technical Fabrics (OTF) is the part of Obeikan Investment Group (Turn over 5 Billion Saudi Riyals) under Plastic Division.
    • Obeikan Technical Fabrics Co. Ltd. (OTF) has established in 1998 by producing & supplying 3 Million Square Meters of PTFE Glass Fabrics to complete over 40,000 Tents for MINA TENT PROJECT, MAKKAH for pilgrims and this is considered as ever biggest architectural project in the world.
    • OTF is the only manufacturing company in the Middle East who produces PVC Coated & Architectural Products;
    • OTF is one of the international leading manufacturing company on the market for PVC Coated Fabric for Signage Indoor & Outdoor application and architectural materials coated with PVC & PTFE for Structural & Architectural applications.
    • OTF exports to more than 60 Countries on 6 continents around the world under the trade name of Obeflex, Obetex & Obeflon.
    • OTF produces up to 5.00 meter wide seamless PVC coated polyester fabrics for Solvent & UV base ink-jet printers for outdoor & indoor Signage & Tent applications purpose (Billboards, Signs, Banners, Awnings, Tents & Canopies).
    • Continued research and development improve existing compound materials and open new application areas.