Paper & Board

Paper & Board

 The success of Obeikan in the business of printing solutions has been considered as the actual beginning for the investment in the field of printing and packaging. With its continual success in the Obeikan presses, The Obeikan group has started investing in the field of packaging and become a renowned company among other similar and related international companies.

 As a continuation to the development of the packaging industry, "Rifal Binding company" has been set up which is specialized in binding, producing complete sets of classy and refined notebooks as well as notebooks for both corporate businesses and bookshops.

 In line with Obeikan's global development plans, The Group has made its way into the field of manufacturing paper and has established “Obeikan Paper Industries” ; It has become one of the biggest paper mill in the Middle East and North Africa specializing in manufacturing duplex paper cardboard.

 Obeikan cares for the local environment, to that reason, "Rifal environmental services company" has been set up, specialized in collecting and sorting waste paper that is being used in all parts of the Kingdom and the surrounding region, to be supplied to the paper factory as raw materials so in order to be recycled and used again.

 In addition to that, Obeikan group also established " Obeikan MDF" company in Spain, specialized in the design, production, and supply of medium density fibers wooden boxes to serve the fruits and vegetable producers and packers. Proudly, this company also registered many patents for the manufacturing of boxes without necessity of screws or pins or glue.