Education > Obeikan Bookstore

Education > Obeikan Bookstore

Facts and Figures :

• Established in 1991
• Contributing to the spread of culture and knowledge across the Arab world.
• Number of Employees: 479
• Branches: more than 25 in Saudi Arabia
• Markets covered: Middle East and Africa

  - Over 100,000 Arabic & Foreign titles
  - Stationery items
  - School equipment and supplies
  - Computers and computer accessories
  - Smart phones and screens

Enabling knowledge for life is the story of a bookstore founded in 1991 beginning with one branch whose intention was to contribute to the spread of culture and knowledge, and which managed in a comparatively short space of time to assume a leading position in the Arab World. Just one branch started Obeikan Bookstore’s march into more than thirty branches that have enriched the knowledge in the Kingdom and housed its shelves with over 100,000 Arabic and Foreign titles, as well as stationery items, school equipment and a special division for educational methods.

Leadership can’t be complete without keeping up with the latest developments, in this regard a distinct division of Obeikan Bookstore was created offering modern technology devices like computers and computer accessories, in addition to a section for smart phones and screens. As a continuation of its goal of spreading knowledge, the company has never lost its enthusiasm participating in local, regional and international exhibitions that deal with books or technology, and has won a number of national and international awards as a result. It is due to our bookstore that we managed to realize our motto “enabling knowledge for life”.