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Education > Obeikan Cambridge

Facts and Figures :

• Cambridge Obeikan was founded in partnership with the publishing house of Cambridge in 2007.

• Children's program consists of Six Levels, entitled "Primary Colors”, exercise kids thinking in doing things and manufacture themselves.

• Cambridge Obeikan developed a new English language process / concept that contains four levels titled of messages which qualifies student to proceed to the Mid-Level (B1 COE / PET / Cambridge ESOL).

• Each level is designed to provide between 80 – 90 hours of classroom experience.

• Obeikan Cambridge solutions feature English Language Teaching by:

     - Taking into account the particularities of local cultures in the Arab country

     - Providing full support and training for teachers to achieve the learning outcomes

   - Providing curriculum and education-mail and calendar as a student-centered integrated solutions

The strategic partnership between Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) and Cambridge University Press is considered to be an important objective supported by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to present selected curricula and books that contain the finest educational and cultural methods in premium printing. Below are examples of some of the works that both parties have jointly produced:


  • Touchstone”: Considered a major breakthrough in the history of English textbooks; it comes in four educational levels and targets both young and old.
  • Business Goals”: A book that aims to help the students in the direct usage of the English language through factual conversational tasks.
  • Messages”: A book that stimulates its readers in the Arab world and helps them with using the English language in a direct manner.
  • Primary Colors”: A six-level edition tailored for the needs of adult students and comprising a direct interaction in applying the usage of language.