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OGC Products andServices

Our Products:

       Steel Base Cylinders: All kinds of shafted and hollow steel base cylinders.

       Ready to Engrave Cylinders: Steel bases with plating according to customers specifications.

       Engraved Cylinders: Electro-Mechanical, Normal, Extreme, Cross-Polished.

       Reproduction (or re-engraving) service.

       Digital HD Flexographic Plates

       Dryer Offset Plates

       Colour management services for all customers.

Our Services:

       Communication in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

       Step by step guidance throughout the printing process starting from Fingerprint.

       Cost effective solutions.

Leadership in local and international markets lies in understanding the market need and presenting optimum solution to fulfill it. Obeikan Graphic Center was established in the year 2001 in response to high market demand of rotogravure cylinders and flexographic plates for aseptic packaging, flexible packaging, special coating and label industries.

The company set its objective to be the market and technology leader in rotogravure and flexography , creating value for its shareholders and customers via leadership and manufacturing excellence. For this purpose, OGC brought together world's leading experts and latest technology in the fields of Digital Flexo Plate Making and Cylinder Engraving, and quickly established itself as Saudi Arabia’s one-stop shop for all gravure and flexography related applications and services.

In response to the rising demand for high quality cylinders, in 2011, Obeikan Graphic Centre invested US$ 8 million on a fully automated engraving line in order to increase its capacity to 20,000 cylinders/year. With the recently added capability of manufacturing steel bases at its sister company Obeikan Printing Industries (OPI), OGC stays one step ahead of its competitors with regards to delivery schedule, product quality, and overall customer satisfaction.


Keeping the needs and demands of its customers, employees and stakeholders at the highest level, targeting a long-term sustainable growth and constantly excelling quality, Obeikan Graphic Centre is already the most sought after supplier of rotogravure cylinders and flexographic plates across the GCC, boosting a fully automated cylinder engraving line capable of producing 1,5000 cylinders a year, a conventional cylinder engraving line with capacity of 5,000 cylinders a year and a digital flexographic plate making unit with capacity exceeding 10,000 sqm a year.