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Liquid Packaging > Integrated Packaging Systems

Facts and Figures : 

Established in 2001

Total Employees: 116

Markets covered: Middle East and Africa

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

No. of fully owned subsidiaries: 11

No. of Divisions / Industries where we operate:

  1. Beverage & Dairy

  2. Plastics

  3. Food & Confectionery

  4. Protein Food

  5. Pharmaceutical

  6. Raw Materials & Ingredients

 Services provided:

  • Product formulation and recipes

  • Sourcing raw materials

  • Providing Processing and Packaging equipment

  • Consulting and Engineering

  • After sales & technical support


Since its foundation in 2001, Integrated Packaging Systems (IPS) chose the Middle East and Africa as its starting point. The company was keen on keeping up with the world’s progress in this field to become in a short period of time a significant regional competitor. This pioneering result was based on two essential elements: first, knowing the product well and second, knowledge of the market and its needs.

This resulted in an ideal combination providing suitable solutions and full customer support. Integrated Packaging Systems, with its high competencies and technological capabilities, offers its customers various industrial solutions in the fields of plastic, foodstuff and confectionery, pharmaceutical products, raw materials, ingredients and also food protein items. All this in harmony, make IPS a serious provider of functional systems.