Education > Obeikan Knowledge Academy

Education > Obeikan Knowledge Academy

Facts and Figures :

• Established in 2012

• Provides training to all Obeikan employees

• More than 100 different training courses

• Training leads to Obeikan certification

• Online Academy for curriculum management, enrollment and training records

• E-learning available via the online Academy

• Programmes based on job functions and Obeikan Competency Framework

Knowledge is power that opens the gateway of success for its holder. On this principle Obeikan Knowledge Academy was founded, to become an essential element in Obeikan’s business growth and to play an active role in enhancing and promoting Obeikan employees’ skills and abilities so they can effectively contribute better to the business. Obeikan regards the development of its human capital as an essential key to its success.

Obeikan Knowledge Academy is a foundation for the development of employees. The academy campus includes laboratories, study and recreational halls and many other features that contribute to creating the right environment for knowledge seekers. The Academy also aims to attract guest speakers and lecturers from major companies and institutions to deliver keynote speeches concerning the latest commercial and business issues. The Academy hosts a division for managing talent by developing the competencies of its own employees to ensure they reach an international standard that enables them to maintain and give success to international partnerships.