Liquid Packaging

Liquid Packaging

In fulfillment of Obeikan Group and its strategic choices; Obeikan has expanded in several fields, including the liquids packaging sector.

A joint cooperation project has been set up between Obeikan Investment Group and "Elopak" company which is considered one of the most renowned global companies specialized in the production of cartons and packaging equipment for food preservation and fresh liquids; This fruitful collaboration has resulted in forming one of the most leading companies specialized in the field of manufacturing cartons packaging.

After this, the Obeikan Group also expanded through establishing an additional partnership with the recognized company (SIG Combibloc), one of the biggest companies in the world, regarding the production of cartons and packaging equipment for preserving long-life food substances such as dairy products, beverages, as well as other types of food substances.

As the Obeikan Group is keen to fully recognize the needs of its customers, A company: “Integrated Packaging Systems” has been established in Dubai so as to offer its customers numerous practical solutions in the fields of packaging plastics, foods, desserts, poultry, pharmaceuticals, raw materials and other components, as well as food substances rich in protein.

All those solutions make the group accomplishment in packaging systems a unique combination.