Plastic > Obeikan Tensile Structure

Plastic > Obeikan Tensile Structure

 Facts and Figures :

• Established in 1998
• Total Area of plant approx.   14,000 Sqm.
• Number of Employees 95
• Manufacturing all types of    Tensile Fabric Structures including Tents, sails and Shades.
• Total Solutions for Tensile    Fabric  projects including Design , fabrication and installation of Tensile Fabric Structures
• Fabricating all types of     Fabric including PVC ,PTFE and Silicon
• Capacity of Fabric         fabrication plant is 200, 000 Sqm.
• Supply and Fabrication of    Structural Steel required for Tensile Structures
• Capacity of Structural Steel workshop is 1,000 Ton /Year

Being specialized in one’s field is one of the most important elements of professionalism and this is exactly what Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) has done by creating the Obeikan Tensile Structures (OTS) plant. OTS specializes in designing, fabricating, supplying and installing tensile architectural structures and their iron works with advanced compentencies.

OTS was founded in 1998 in the capital Riyadh, and its first fully integrated project was the production and installation of 40 thousand tents over a total area of 3 million square meters, in Mina the holy city of Mekkah. Today OTS provides integrated solutions across this field, such as tents, sails and parasols of every kind and size. OTS services include primary design, architectural and structural works in addition to the fabrication, implementation and installation of iron works.

Providing fully integrated services is regarded by OTS as the pinnacle of professionalism and added value.