With its leading innovation
footprint in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Obeikan Investment Group (OIG),
and its first end-to-end cloud-based Business Process Outsourcing platform for
small and medium enterprises – SANED, which is set to launch in September, were
featured by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Pioneering customer for AWS
Outpost – a fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks built
with AWS-designed hardware that allow customers to run compute and storage

Abdallah Obeikan, Group CEO of
OIG, commenting on this featured news, said, “We are pleased to see the
introduction of AWS Outposts to Saudi Arabia. This will allow us to expand our
use of AWS and enable Obeikan Digital offerings, business platforms, and
industrial solutions to host our applications within Saudi borders while
benefitting from the range of AWS services, as well as the scalability and
resiliency of the cloud.”

And about SANED, he added, “We
designed SANED as a business solution for finance, HR, supply chain, and
manufacturing to eliminate the complexity of traditional Enterprise Resource
Planning, with seamless user experience and data visualization

With the Moto “Making Doing
Business Easy for Everyone”, SANED is intended to launch to avail its services
for small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom, and later to scale to the
middle east, with a plan to contribute to doing business better and easier and to
contribute to OIG’s goal of “preparing the Kingdom’s business environment for a
different tomorrow”.