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Obeikan Digital

Industrial Applications

Obeikan’s marketplace apps provide critical actionable intelligence and insights.

Obeikan’s apps exist to fill in the gaps of your business vision—gaps that create pain points for your business.  Our apps are designed to answer questions like:

  • Are our delivery routes planned in the most cost- and time-effective way?
  • Are we tying up more working capital than we need to on spare parts?
  • Can we count on this production line to stay up all week?


Obeikan Digital Solutions has created five different marketplace apps covering a broad expanse of business functions.

Our Saned app uses predictive analytics to reduce production downtime and waste.
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Our Madar app consolidates logistics analytics. 
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Our Shamel app creates a trading portal for spare parts
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Obeikan’s Hodhod app helps you prepare your business to keep running, no matter what happens.
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Mizan helps you identify, understand and iron out the wrinkles in your complex business processes.
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Saned utilities turns data from your manufacturing assets into a goldmine of performance improvement insights. Learn mores.
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