Obeikan Digital

TAJ Digital Health

TAJ Digital Health harnesses technology to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient for everyone.


    Technology has made countless aspects of our lives faster, simpler and more convenient.  TAJ Digital Health is dedicated to integrating smart technology and artificial intelligence into healthcare in ways that expand access to quality care and improve the patient experience.

    The TAJ Digital Health Platform supports virtual doctor visits, which are possible thanks to videoconferencing apps on personal devices and widespread reliable internet connections.  Virtual doctor visits give people scheduling convenience, increase healthcare access in more rural areas, and enhance everyone’s safety by reducing the potential spread of contagion.

    The TAJ Digital Health Platform also builds in digital prescribing and lab test ordering, with home delivery of prescription medications, and digital lab test ordering, with home sample collection.  An integrated lifestyle tracker provides detailed data collection related to preventive care and ongoing motivation regarding health habits.

    TAJ is a joint venture of Obeikan Investment Group and Infiniun, and is building strategic digital partnerships with healthcare entities across Saudi Arabia, including hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories.

    Our Vision

    Smart healthcare for all.

    Easy and secure signup

    Smart symptom checker

    Insurance approved digital prescription

    Intelligent matching with doctors

    Instant Video Consultation

    Lifestyle Tracker

    TAJ Features:

    • Instant Video Consultation: Instant access to qualified doctors for primary healthcare.
    • Smart Health Tracker: Users can input daily lifestyle data to understand impact and improve well-being.
    • Real-time Operations Monitoring: Reactive and proactive monitoring for enhancing service levels.
    • Integrated Insurance Provider: Prescriptions are approved from partner insurance in real- time.
    • Data & Analytics: Intelligent analytics for customer profiling and contextual marketing.
    • Doctor Efficiency Index: Doctors can tack their efficiency index depending upon their capability.
    • Augmented Diagnosis: Machine learning assisted augmented diagnosis by doctors.