ABOUT OBEIKAN | Message From The Chairman

Message From The Chairman

A Journey of persistance and aspiration

Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) is a true story of success that began in Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in full confidence and determination to turn throughout more than thirty years, to be a major industrial entity specialized in providing technical and practical solutions for the packing and packaging industeries, alongside presenting the finest scientific standards in education and curriculum development.

We started our journey In 1982 and our first step was Obeikan Printing Press which took us through three decades, during which OIG diverged into many companies, plants, centers and strategic partnerships with a number of major and significant international companies in the fields of bottling and packaging, printing and binding, publishing, curriculum development and e-learning. In addition these many and diverse activities together form an integrated and interlinked system. All the above mentioned – after Allah’s blessing and guidance – qualified us to reach our prestigious position in the local, regional, and international markets, in addition to granting us the opportunity of an effective participation in promoting national industries.

Our experiences and abilities that have accumulated, by grace and blessing of Allah then by our well-studied strategic steps and future perspective of the markets’ needs and changes, have placed Obeikan Group in the leadership position in terms of making and providing solutions and services that it presents via more than twenty specialized companies

Efforts can be attributed to all Obeikan Group employees characterized with every trait of loyalty and benevolence, to build together this group that produced such a prestigious position of distinctiveness and creativity.

Dr. Fahd Bin Abdul Rahman Al Obeikan