industrial applications


Obeikan’s Maher app helps industrial companies optimize their human capital for competitive advantange.

As your business grows in complexity, your human resources (HR) management should too. HR used to be a set of mostly rote tasks, but today has evolved into a sophisticated and value-adding practice that extends corporate capabilities and contributes to profitability.

Obeikan’s Maher app can help you perfect your HR management with a comprehensive set of tools that link HR practices into corporate strategy and bring out the best in your human capital. It automates a wide range of time- and labor-consuming administrative tasks, and brings to the forefront mission-critical imperatives like competency frameworks, skills assessment and mapping, training, and compensation optimization.

Maher’s modules






Capability building

Training and curriculum

Job profiles and organization optimizer

KPIs and skill assessment

Team building

Compensation, rewards and recognition

Labor law compliance


Payroll and time management

Travel desk

Self-service queries


Employee letters

Maher. Better management at the intersection of HR and IT.