Obeikan Sectors


What are your customers demanding—more convenience, more user-friendly features, greater sustainability? Obeikan has a solution.

Obeikan has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and decorating high-quality packaging that protects your products, moves them to market, showcases them to advantage and helps your brand shine. On top of that, we can design in features that streamline your packing and improve your logistics. We’re the choice of some of the world’s best-known and most exacting brands across the full spectrum of industries. Whatever your packaging needs are, Obeikan can deliver a customized solution.


Paper and Board

Rigid Plastic

Flexible and Film

Liquid and Dairy


Our Packaging Skills

  • State-of-the-art plants and advanced technology across the packaging spectrum, from plastic to paper to MDF
  • Deep experience in food and beverage, dairy, cosmetic and personal care, pharmaceutical, home care and industrial sectors
  • Ability to meet the most rigorous national and international quality standards and customer delivery requirements, amplified by digitization
  • Engineering and design consulting on all aspects of packaging selection and development