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What are the current challenges facing the Hr function of many businesses?

The HR function of many businesses is not fully effective, resulting in a negative impact on organizational performance


  • Their best people are leaving, often for competitors
  • The best talent is not being attracted
  • Staff are not being properly developed.
  • Poor performance is not being identified and managed
“War for Talent” survey results of ‘Fortune 500’ businesses conducted by McKinsey


felt unable to recruit highly talented people


felt unable to identify their low and high performers


felt unable to retain their high performers


felt unable to develop their staff quickly and easily


felt unable to quickly remove low performers


of managers/senior executives felt that their talent retention/acquisition strategies would not succeed.

Why aren’t the current solutions solving the problem?

Existing HCM platforms present significant barriers to adoption, including…

  • Complexity
  •  Difficulty with implementation
  • Prolonged period of introduction
  • Difficulty with use
  • Difficulty with customization
  • Significant cost

while spreadsheets, manual and desktop solutions

  • Have limited scope to influence wider business improvement
  • Are time-consuming and labour-intensive
  • Require many separate, unconnected processes
The answer to the challenges lies within Nawras Corporate…

“An effective solution which enables companies
in all sectors to attract, retain and create talented
people, and to fulfil their true potential.”

Welcome to Nawras ..

How is Nawras different to other HCM products?


  • The only HR support system with a range of modules covering all HR-related activity
  • Full in-depth functionality extends beyond merely operations and workflows
  • Your own personal ‘career coach’: takes employees on a journey
    by building capabilities and enabling growth and progression
  • 10+ years of experience, research and testing
  • Proprietary package
  • Adaptable across a wide range of businesses

Adopted a 4 phase approach to HR practices and for business effectiveness

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