Obeikan cares for the environment and is committed to socially responsible corporate behavior that aligns with the needs of our planet and increasing consumer attention to the environmental impacts of purchasing decisions.

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in 2004


Average collected waste board

around 250,000 tons/year

Advanced technology

for baling machines and sorting techniques

Several Collection warehouses

sited in KSA with overall area of 200,000 square meter

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Total employees

Making packaging from recycled materials responds to growing interest in sustainability and simply makes good ecological sense in a region without a homegrown source of wood fiber. So in 2004, we established Refal Environment Services Company, which collects and sorts waste paper from across the Kingdom and recycles it into paper rolls.

Recycling paper conserves more than trees: it conserves water and energy, and reduces pollution compared to manufacturing paper from new pulp. Since 2004, we’ve recycled an average of 118,000 tons of paper annually, which each year saves:


  • More than 3,000,000,000 liters of water
  • More than 2,000,000 trees
  • More than 1,000,000 barrels of oil
  • More than 250,000 cubic meters of landfill

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