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Our employees’

success stories

Saud Bin Shuwaysh


Saud’s proudest accomplishment in his career at Obeikan since joining in 2017 is when he helped implement a digitalization project that reduced paper usage, showing immediate impact.

He says having a great team made this achievement possible, and that the key to management success is putting the needs of his team first.“Making sure they feel heard and valued keeps the team moving forward and motivated,” he says.

Ensuring that his colleagues have a safe working environment is a source of daily satisfaction in his job as a Safety Officer at OGC.  The opportunity to participate in big, ambitious projects and learn from experienced colleagues is a bonus that provides the chance to acquire new skills.  Saud’s BSBA and MS degrees in Management Information Systems and personal discipline are a strong fit for Obeikan’s culture of excellence.  “Do the important things first, always seek the positive,  and prepare yourself the night before,” he recommends.

Ayman Nasr Zeidan



was an End to End Supply Chain Consultant and Business Expert whose job was to reduce cost and inventory while maintaining the highest service level. His role required precision and creative thinking, with the reward of seeing the impact of his work in business results. Clarity about how his role added value was personally satisfying, he said, as was helping customers be successful in their own businesses. Ayman joined Obeikan in 2016 with more than two decades of previous experience and was a certified SAP Business Expert – Advanced SC. Obeikan’s continuous drive for operational excellence meant Ayman had plenty of interesting business questions to answer.

Heba Alansari

is HR and Admin Manager focused on progressing towards Saudization of Obeikan’s workforce.  It’s a good day at the office, she says, when she makes tangible progress towards her objectives.  Improving Obeikan’s human resources in alignment with employee training and development needs and job satisfaction contributes to overall company success in a meaningful way.

Heba earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and joined OGC in 2015.

Osama Salih



is a Quality Control Technician whose professional success is grounded in his credo “speak once, plan twice.”  In his line of work, planning is the key to preventing errors that are costly and compromise customer satisfaction, so his attention to detail and ability to look ahead serve him and the company well.  By providing training ahead of time and conducting root cause analysis on problems after they arise, he elevates quality on the job every day.

Osama joined Obeikan in 2017 after completing his degree in Business Management and Computer Science.

Muhammad Suleman Zia



Muhammad completed his bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting and worked as an accountant and as an external auditor himself before joining Obeikan in 2019.



He is a Financial Analyst working on Obeikan’s financial reporting.  One of his responsibilities is to interact with Obeikan’s external auditors, which has immersed him in complexity due to the company’s size and many subsidiaries.  He thrives on this challenge, finding satisfaction in the learning opportunities and joy in getting things accomplished in a fast-paced environment.  His team orientation serves him well at Obeikan, where he has found that working with others deepens his own knowledge and ability to excel.

Marciel Arellano  


Marciel’s mission is to keep production machinery running fast and smoothly—a critical function in a manufacturing company.  His work eliminates production downtime and speed and defect losses that can happen when machinery is in less than top-notch condition, and he’s the man who saves the day when machines break down. His position as CBOB Maintenance Manager gives him plenty of opportunities to continue to expand his engineering skills. In 2018, he became certified in the PKE Planned Maintenance pillar, adding another set of skills to his repertoire

Zayed Al-Amri



is Group GS and PMD Manager with a broad portfolio of responsibilities suited to a problem-solver like him.  His accomplishments range from saving more than 2 million SAR by right-sizing the company’s vehicle fleet to waterproofing facility roofs and upgrading company housing.  Zayed studied Security Sciences at university and joined Obeikan in 2005 with many years of experience in previous security positions.  A company the size of OIG offers plenty of interesting projects so he’s always thinking about how to improve his department’s services to the next level.  Solutions arise, he says, from thinking outside the box.

Abdulbasit Sharifi



Abdulbasit completed his BA and MBA in the UK and joined OE in 2014.  His values of honesty, diligence and accountability are well-suited to his company position.



He is Business Development Manager at Obeikan Education. When he took his position in 2014, he saw an opportunity for his team to update their practices; after analyzing the situation and taking time to understand the issues thoroughly, he coached them to adopt a new sales focus and techniques that improved closing and expanded customer access to OE’s products.  Collaborating with colleagues and seeing the good results is rewarding, he says.  There are even parts of his job he’d do just for sheer enjoyment, like recommending books for publication based on his market insights.