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Obeikan’s MADAR logistics management app gives manufacturers a cutting-edge tool for efficiency and cost control.

It takes world-class logistics to run a world-class manufacturing operation. Obeikan’s MADAR Industrial Logistics Management app is how you do it.

MADAR connects senders, fleet providers and receivers in a single enterprise solution that lets you create, modify and manage all of your shipments, down to the smallest detail.

MADAR gives you the ability to select among various offers from a wide range of the best fleet providers around you. The app provides traceability, gate-to-gate control, truck utilization solutions, detailed delivery reports and all the performance data you need. Quality is ensured as MADAR enforces a step-by-step process, leaving no room for mistakes or delays.



Shipment management

  • Truck ordering based on shipment specifics
  • Shipment stages management: proactive trip planning and full gate-to-gate control
  • On-the-spot proof of delivery lets the back office reconcile invoices without waiting for the truck to come back

Fleet management

  • Shipment acceptance
  • Driver assignment
  • Fleet and driver information: insurance coverage, licensure and more
    Truck tracking


  • 24/7 current location tracking without using GPS
  • Shipment urgency classification
  • Time and routing, plus on-the-spot alerts for all trip stages
  • Chats and calls between drivers, shippers and receivers


  • Shipment status
  • Weekly reporting on utilization and efficiency

Reporting and dashboard functions

  • Tracks world-class logistics management KPIs
  • Optimization insights
  • Live data visualization for transaction trends

Premium Features

(MADAR Elite Edition)

Consolidation and backhauling

based on truck availability and load nature

ERP integration

to your trucks and drivers (including the ability to redirect your shipment)

Compliance alerts in line with company safety and security contracted guidelines

Loading schedule planning based on nearest trucks, location, dispatching area and truck dimensions

API integrations with most common sensors, GPS tracking systems and devices


Customized management report

MADAR. Own your control.

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