Industrial Applications


O3 acts as a digital manufacturing consultant through a platform that is easy to use and scalable.

About O3  In the modern age, digitization has become a must, and a seamless manufacturing process and operational system is of the utmost importance. O3 is the answer to that need. We’ve created a Smart Manufacturing platform that provides manufacturers with insights to optimize their operations with proactive decision-making tools. This platform enables our consumers to follow the global lean concepts and operational methods on a state-of-the-art digital platform.

Tomorrow’s successful companies are those that are investing in technology to relentlessly improve their operations and their results. With digitalization, time-consuming, tedious and manpower-intensive functions are replaced with integrated, end-to-end business solutions that let you focus your attention on your core businesses and customers.

How it works  

O3 acts as a digital manufacturing consultant through a platform that is easy to use and scalable. Our platform adapts to all business needs and aims to optimize decision-making by maximizing business productivity and minimizing waste.
O3 allows manufacturing plants to operate with efficiency and agility through data integration and centralized dashboards. As one of our main focus is customer-centricity, O3 provides a sleek and seamless user experience.

Why O3?

  • Subscription-based: it can be purchased and exited anytime
  • Flexible pricing
  • Customized product bundles
  • Easy and interactive on-boarding and navigation process
  • User-friendly and simple user interface
  • Continuous customer support & open communication with O3 technical team

O3 offers a wide range of modules that covers your end to end operations:

Production Order Management

Quality Management

Analytical Tools

Autonomous Maintenance

Safety Management

Loss Analysis

Progressive Maintenance

Performance Management

Performance Control System

Productivity Management

KPI’s Management

O3’s benefits run deep and aid your business in a number of ways:

Up to 10% Conversion Cost Improvement

Up to 34% Breakdown Improvement

Up to 11% Equipment Efficiency Improvement

Up to 10% reduction in complaints

Up to 10% Higher Employee Satisfaction

Up to 21% Reduction in Overtime