Obeikan Group launches a diversified portfolio of smart, end-to-end digital applications and solutions in different sectors and fields, focusing on the empowerment of the industrial sector in the kingdom through digital transformation and smart manufacturing technologies, paving the way to Industry 4.0.

Obeikan Group has wide expertise across many industries and a solid presence especially in smart manufacturing, but Obeikan did not stop here and decided to challenge the status-quo turning its groundbreaking know-how and best-in-class practices into innovative digital solutions and share these solutions with the entire business ecosystem.

In support of its vision, Obeikan launched 4 tech startups powered by advanced technologies and AI & IoT enabled: Madar, Shamel, O3 and HodHod each provides a unique value to the market from logistics to safety.

Started with “Madar” a year ago, a digital fleet provider and transportation management platform that transforms logistics from a cumbersome process and expense into a value-enhancing practice and seamless digital experience for businesses, moreover, Madar achieved 40K+ successful shipping transactions.

As a manufacturing tycoon, Obeikan faced many challenges to tackle like supply and demand gaps, non-performing inventory, spare parts efficient sourcing, lack of digitization, and more but, these challenges became opportunities unleashed with “Shamel”, the first digital industrial marketplace, bringing together and connecting buyers and sellers, making it easy and fast to trade spare parts, and other industrial goods, efficiently. Shamel provides the ultimate platform where spare parts can be locally traded and delivered, saving businesses time, effort, and money while elevating their market share.

And in the smart manufacturing arena, Obeikan introduced “O3”, a digital manufacturing consultant through a platform that is easy to use and scalable. It adapts to all business needs and aims to optimize decision-making by maximizing business productivity and minimizing waste. O3 allows manufacturing plants to operate with efficiency and agility through data integration and centralized dashboards. As one of our main focuses is customer-centricity, O3 provides a sleek and seamless user experience.

While “HodHod” is an integrated end-t-end digital solution that not only satisfies all safety needs for businesses at all aspects but will also put the business at the forefront of technological innovation by empowering them with the smartest tools to protect their business from safety, security, fire protection, to the environment safety all through a seamless digital platform.

“Obeikan’s digital solutions radically transform businesses to become smarter and achieve business excellence,” said Eng. Abdullah Obeikan, Group CEO. “Our subject matter experts together with our digitalization partnerships with global leaders like GE and Siemens give our customers access to leading-edge, tried and tested digital technology.  Our solutions enable the development of innovative practices that add significant value to our customers’ operations.”

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