Under the slogan of “Are you ready for a different tomorrow?” Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS) expressed their pleasure to engage among many well reputed tech leaders in one of the most prestigious and biggest tech exhibitions Leap 2023 to share their beneficial experience in accelerating the pace of the digital transformation and showcase their developed platforms that is based on the latest artificial intelligence aimed to boost productivity, enhance customer experience, add competitive edge and elevate the employee’s engagement.

“Digital solutions built on solid industrial background pillars” ODS leveraged the 40 years of Obeikan’s cumulative experience in the industrial field, considering it one of the main cornerstones of ODS success that paved their way to apply the digital transformation approaches across many sectors. As merging the vast knowledge of the industrial operations with the digital know-how geared them towards identifying the primary gaps and accordingly, they filled them with digital-based solutions catered to the industries’ needs and streamline their operations.

Obeikan Digital Solutions strives to be the “Business Partner of Choice” in digital transformation; their provisioned solutions cover mainly the following aspects (manufacturing and operations, enterprise and HCM, supply and value chain, education and development).

The born of Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS) was one of the most prominent leaps for the Obeikan Group, as the Group is well known for cutting giant steps in diversified areas throughout the years and its continuous strive for expansion, upon the emergence of the technology and the non-stop pace of its evolution. Obeikan felt the necessity to create a hub that delivers top notch tailored digital solutions that are catered to various sectors’ needs, streamline their business operations and boost their efficiency.

Today ODS is one of the giant digital leaders participants at Leap 2023 through which they manifest their digital capabilities and how they went beyond in this field, on the occasion of such event they are looking forward to opening people’s eyes on the significance of the digital transformation and how it can shape the future of many businesses as nowadays with all the digital hypes going around it became inevitable to integrate efficient digital-based solutions in many business operations to be able to stand in the forefront and stay ahead of the competition.

ODS also conveyed their gladness to connect and interact with their attendees whether they are merely avid followers of technology who seek to be enlightened about the latest trends or business owners who are pursuing to develop their projects beyond the scope of conventional approaches and start adopting innovative methods, based on their business genre ODS team recommend the convenient cutting-edge solutions that will best fit their needs and goals.

They believe that this event is not a beneficial experience that is leveraged by their attendees only but for them as well, meeting with people face to face and listening to their different needs expand their horizons about more faced challenges in the market. Accordingly, they seize such occasion to build a futuristic outlook on what can they offer next by utilizing the power of their avant-garde digital technologies to add more digital values to businesses.

Obeikan Digital Solutions has created different marketplace apps covering a broad expanse of strategic business functions within any organization: “Shamel”, “Madar”, “Saned”, “O3 Smart Manufacturing Platform”, “Hodhod”, “Saned Utilities”, “Nawras Education and HCM”, “Ameen”, “Saned Helath” and “Saned School”.

About Obeikan Digital Solutions

ODS was launched in 2017, Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS) helps manufacturers and enterprises to achieve operational excellence with productivity-enhancing applications, and performance improvement consultancy. ODS grants its customers access to leading-edge, tried and tested digital technologies that add significant value to their operations.

ODS is a subsidiary of Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) founded in 1982 with headquarters in Riyadh – Saudi. The company has strong foothold in manufacturing, leading provider of fully integrated packaging solutions in MENA region, with a growing focus on digital transformation providing B2B, B2C and B2G business and industrial solutions.

About Leap

Leap is a 3-day annual tech convention held in RiyadhSaudi Arabia. It is the largest debut tech event as of 2022, with over 100,000 attendees. It is co-organised by Informa Tech, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Saudi Arabia) (MCIT), and the Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones. Leap 2023 marks the second edition of the exihibtion.