Riyadh, 30th of March 2022 – @OKA:

Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS), the digital solutions pioneer in KSA along with its parent company “OIG – Obeikan Investment Group” hosted a paramount event about the future of smart manufacturing and how the ever-growing industry 4.0 and IoT technologies playing a vital role in its growth, with the presence of key partners & guests from the tech industry giving immersive insights and everything future talks.

Obeikan Group has been adopting the latest manufacturing technologies backed by AI & IoT across all its factories making Obeikan a smart manufacturing hub, thanks to Obekan’s digital arm, Obeikan Digital Solutions company which has a huge impact not only on the manufacturing level but making everything smart across all the verticals of the group, making Obeikan a pioneer in the smart manufacturing solutions and digital innovation.

As we look up to the future, it’s noteworthy that manufacturers and companies of different levels and different scales have an urging need more than ever for smart solutions for their business to grow. Eng. Saber Atiyeh, COO of ODS, said, “Today’s tech era is full of opportunities, challenges as well as threats, and for manufacturing companies to be able to survive and grow especially during the rapid industrialization we are witnessing in our country and across the globe, manufacturers have to seek smarter solutions for operating their businesses & factories and digitalization here is pivotal.”

He added “Most of the current business models which manufacturers are adopting are outdated, and we, at ODS, we took the privilege and courage to empower the industrial sector and the whole business ecosystem with cutting-edge digital solutions that have been launched from the heart of Obeikan Group to rejuvenate businesses and the way they operate. We are keen to fulfill this mission and boost the industry 4.0 within which “Smart Manufacturing” de facto fits to meet the business ecosystem needs.”

The visionary Eng. Abdullah Obeikan, CEO of Obeikan Group, commented, “We are driven by digital innovation and digitalization, and since the beginning of our successful digital transformation journey, we are on a mission to give back to our country’s industrial and business ecosystem unlocking businesses and manufacturers potentials and arm them with the success factors through our innovative digital solutions backed by world-renowned technologies to be ready for a different tomorrow.”