(Dubai, 5 October 2020) Aljaied for Food Industries, a Libyan national company and a joint-venture with CO-RO, the leading provider of fruit-based soft drinks and more, has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of evaporated milk. The company has opted for SIG’s filling technology and recloseable combifitSmall carton packs – a market innovation in the Libyan market. The carton packs will be offered in three different volumes: 180ml, 200ml and 330ml and will be fitted with SIG’s recloseable combiSmart closure.

Hussein Issa, CEO at Aljaied for Food Industries, said: “In order to achieve the highest standards of excellence and to meet consumers’ needs for daily food commodities, our aim is to establish local factories to supply the Libyan market with international competitive products. This launch is the first to come from our partnership with SIG Combibloc Obeikan and we will add additional products to our portfolio as this collaboration expands. We are confident that evaporated milk in recloseable carton packs will offer our consumers a recognized added value. The carton pack is very easy to open and conveniently recloseable, differentiating it from the current products on the shelves.”

Abdelghany Eladib, Chief Operating Officer at SIG Combibloc Obeikan, one of the world’s leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging and filling machines for food and beverages, said: “Evaporated milk in carton packs with closures is an innovation for the Libyan market. Previously, evaporated milk was mainly available in metal cans. Products which consumers have traditionally bought in standard metal cans will now be offered in carton packs with a closure. It is principally the quality aspects, such as the gentle treatment of the milk using the aseptic UHT process and the superior flavour resulting from it, the convenient handling and ease of transport, that make the aseptic carton pack more than just an alternative to cans. With the closure Libya is following the trend in other markets.

The milk can be neatly poured and conveniently portioned out directly from the carton pack. After use, the carton pack can be reclosed, so the product remains protected for re-use. This is extremely convenient for consumers. We are very proud that we have marked the beginning of our partnership with Aljaied with such innovation. This is the first step to a long-term collaboration and we are looking forward to grow this partnership.”

The closure is applied to the closed and sealed carton pack by an applicator after the aseptic filling process has taken place. There is no need for pre-perforation of the cardboard – the cutting ring in the flange slices through the coated cardboard cleanly and effortlessly with a single twist.