Riyadh Polytechnic Institute has obtained a full and unconditional Institutional Accreditation from the Education and Training Evaluation Commission represented by National Center for Training Assessment and Accreditation “MASAR”. The Accreditation was granted after fulfilling all the MASAS Institutional Accreditation criteria and requirements which focus on eight criteria: Employer Engagement, Governance & Management, Admission & Trainee Services, Programs Development & Assessment, Training & Resources, Trainee Achievement, Trainers Qualification & Development, Sustainability & Effectiveness.

​​Masar, an ETEC affiliate, is a regulatory body that is in charge of evaluation and accreditation in the training sector with the goal of enhancing the quality of training by adopting specific frameworks and standards to ensure training establishments meet labor market needs and the aspirations of the society, as well as those of the Kingdom’s leadership.

The Accreditation Certificate was received by the Executive Director of RPI, Mr. Ahmad Albakri, from his excellency the ETEC Chairman, Dr. Khalid  Al-Sabti and in the presence of TVTC Governor his excellency Dr. Ahmed Alfahid. The Executive Director extended his appreciation and gratitude to the RPI chairman and Board members for their support in the quality journey as all RPI staff who contributed to the success of this attainment.